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In November of 2015 I had the amazing chance to be flown out to the north shore of Oahu and do my cousins wedding.  What an amazing fun experience!  Not only was I was florist I acted as coordinator for this family event. 

I learned a lot about shipping flowers.  From what is banned, and what will do best when shipping from the main land.

I packed up a tool kit, a lot of our rentals then flew to Oahu.   I foraged for natural greens indigenous to Oahu, and even came across a garage sale that was selling some beautiful material I braided and incorporated into their sweet heart table.  The wedding took place at the Mormon Temple in Laie, then a house was rented on the beach tucked away in a cove with the tall  lush green mountains on one side, and the aqua waters from Pacific right at our feet.  

The wedding was truly a blend of cultures.   The groom a native of New Zealand, The bride a native of California who spent years studying at BYU. 

Family from the mainland and New Zealand came across the Pacific to meet here for this joyous wedding!   Threw out the reception we were treated to dances of the hula, and the haka.  What an amazing day!